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Gelerts 10 year overhaul 2017

It had been known for some time that Gelert’s boiler was not in the best of condition. It was the original boiler of 1953, and over the years it had been patched up many times. However, there came a point where that was no longer an option. A new boiler was needed.

So, after Gelert came out of traffic in 2013, sponsorship was generously forthcoming for the new boiler design work. Once this was approved, further sponsorship enabled actual construction to be carried out at Israel Newton’s, a well known boilermakers in Derbyshire. It was finally completed in December 2016.

The photographs show various stages in its construction. They were taken at various times during 2016.



When Gelert came out of service for its 10 year overhaul in 2013, it was known that some fairly extensive work was required, after years of sterling service, in addition to fitting the new boiler, and following consultations a schedule was compiled in 2013 outlining these.

This involves dismantling and reassembly/fitting new boiler and associated works, new smokebox, repairing corroded platework, particularly around the bunker area, frame strengthening and making and fitting dragboxes, modifications/machining left hand crosshead, replacement/modification of a significant amount of life expired and/or substandard pipework.

Estimates and quotes were discussed with several contractors, and following discussions, Gelert was scheduled to be moved to Statfold Barn at the beginning of April, and the boiler to be transported from Newton’s in Derbyshire about the same time. Photos and news of progress will appear here as they become available


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